The CGRS makes use of the services of around 200 translators-interpreters. They speak around 100 different languages or dialects.

The translator-interpreter facilitates communication between the applicant and the protection officer during the hearing at the CGRS. The translator-interpreter provides an accurate interpretation of the applicant's story in Dutch, French or English.  Furthermore the interpreter translates the protection officer's questions to the native language of the applicant.

The translator-interpreter will regularly be requested to translate documents belonging to the applicant from his native language to Dutch, French or English.

It is important that the translator-interpreter is neutral and does not intervene in the evaluation of an application. The translator-interpreter must also adhere to a deontological code.

The translator/interpreter works for the CGRS on a freelance basis and is paid per accomplishment.

Information about the asylum procedure, tailored to the asylum seeker, can be found at :

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