Working of the CGRS during the Coronacrisis

No personal interviews are taking place at the CGRS for the time being. Personal interviews in closed centres only take place by means of videoconference if there are sufficient guarantees that rules of social distancing will be observed in the interview room at the centre.

The CGRS keeps working. Decisions are still being taken and civil status certificates are still being delivered.

This work is important, as applicants and refugees are expecting it, and necessary, in order to avoid putting reception facilities under increased stress.

If the CGRS stops taking decisions, the average processing time of an application would increase immediately. This would inevitably have repercussions on the reception facilities, which would in turn create difficulties for the reception of new applicants when registration procedures will resume.

The CGRS is still able to take decisions even though no personal interviews are taking place. Dossiers can be completed when a personal interview has already taken place. We are also examining for which dossiers a personal interview is not required to take a decision. 

25 March 2020

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