Temporary partial suspension of the notification of decisions for applicants from Afghanistan

In August 2021, the CGRS decided to temporarily suspend the decisions for applicants from Afghanistan.

It is too early to end this suspension, as the required information on the situation in Afghanistan is still lacking.

Therefore, the temporary suspension of the assessment of subsidiary protection status is extended until 15 November 2021.

This does not mean that the processing of applications from Afghan nationals is completely suspended.

  • Applications are still being processed as before (organization of interviews).
  • A decision is still taken or notified in the following situations:
    • recognition of refugee status;
    • decision of inadmissibility for a person enjoying a protection status in another Member State.
  • Are generally suspended:
    • the assessment of subsidiary protection status, i.e. the following decisions:
      • granting of subsidiary protection status;
      • refusal of refugee status and subsidiary protection status.
    • the notification of a decision of inadmissibility for subsequent applications.
  • For subsequent applications, each file is checked on new relevant elements. In case of new relevant elements, a decision of admissibility is taken. For the time being, no decision of inadmissibility will be notified.


07 October 2021