Tabula Rasa

Given the high workload facing the CGRS and the current asylum context, the existing working procedures were reviewed. Several months ago, the Tabula Rasa pilot project was launched. Three groups, consisting of supervisors and protection officers from various geographical sections, met on a regular basis to brainstorm from scratch on measures to maximize the number of decisions. While doing so, they were supported by NIDO, the innovation lab of the federal government (FPS BOSA). Thanks to the input of these volunteers, innovative proposals were discussed, while the quality was maintained and the legal framework was obviously taken into account. Proposals that should be supported by all our staff members.

A number of new working methods will now be tested. For instance, some decisions will be motivated in a alternative way and by way of experiment, preliminary questionnaires will be sent to obtain more information before the personal interview. These will only be sent to files on French-language roles. The main partners of the CGRS, ranging from Fedasil to the Council for Alien Law Litigation, have already been informed about the project and the upcoming test phase.

The test phase will last about five months, from September '23 to January '24. This will involve some 30 staff members, who will start working according to the new methods. The project will of course also be monitored and evaluated. We will keep you informed of any further follow-up after the test phase.

18 July 2023

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