Substantial decrease in backlog

News / Substantial decrease in backlog

The CGRS continues its efforts to reduce the backlog created by the large influx of 2015. At the end of April 2016, the CGRS still had a backlog of 18,300 asylum applications waiting for a decision. A year later, in April 2017, this figure was reduced to 14,000. At the end of September 2017, the backlog was further reduced to 9,267 applications, of which 5,000 can be considered a normal caseload.

This shows that the CGRS is determined to limit as much as possible the processing time of asylum applications, as long waiting times cause uncertainty.

The CGRS will continue over the next months to do everything in its power to reduce its backlog still further without compromising the quality of the thorough and individual assessment required for every asylum application. However, it is impossible to assess all asylum applications at the same time. Therefore the CGRS cannot grant requests to accelerate the assessment of a particular application.

In slightly more than a year, the CGRS reduced its backlog by more than 9,000 dossiers. It has currently a backlog of about 4,500 dossiers. These will be assessed in the next months. The CGRS plans to invite every asylum applicant for an interview before the end of June 2018, regardless of their country of origin. The backlog will be completely eliminated by that date.

12 October 2017


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