Renewed asylum statistics

Renewed asylum statistics


The CGRS publishes renewed asylum statistics.


A single asylum case or asylum decision can refer to several persons. In many cases, children flee their country with their parents, but until recently these children were not visible in the Belgian asylum statistics. As of January 2016, the monthly statistics published by the CGRS refer to the number of persons and no longer to the number of asylum cases. In this way, the Belgian statistics conform to the definitions used by European agencies such as Eurostat and EASO.

The protection rate corresponds to the number of persons who were granted refugee status or subsidiary protection by the CGRS, compared to the total number of persons who received a final decision, including decisions refusing to take into account a subsequent asylum application. This also conforms to European standards.

For the first time, the CGRS will also release statistics on the gender and age of asylum applicants.

The asylum statistics contain data from the Immigration Office (where asylum applications are registered) and from the database of the CGRS (which assesses and decides on asylum applications). The CGRS will gradually update its data prior to 2016 to enable comparisons.



18 February 2016

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