Interviews with children

Interviews with children under 16 during covid

Recently, we have been receiving many questions about the setting of the interviews with children.

Under the current corona measures, it is not possible for children to be interviewed in an adapted room, which was always the case before March 2020. The interview setting does not guarantee sufficient distancing and the rooms are too small for five persons. Currently, no relaxation of the measures is allowed.

After the first lockdown in 2020, the CGRS, in consultation with its partners, decided to restart the interviews with children but as with adult applicants, the interviews would take place in a room with Plexiglas walls and social distancing. Indeed, a quick decision is in the child’s best interest and takes precedence over the fact that the current interview situation is not ideal.

Therefore, the CGRS must organize the interviews with children in large rooms that provide the necessary protection against the spreading of the coronavirus, in the interest of all the persons present at the interview. The presence of Plexiglas walls also prevents the use of practical child-friendly tools such as Duplo blocks.

As soon as the interview rooms specifically adapted to children can be used again, we will communicate this on our website. Until then, we count on the understanding and cooperation of the guardians and lawyers who accompany minors.

30 September 2021

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