How can wrong identity data be corrected?

When someone applies for asylum at the Immigration Office (IO), the IO registers the identity data (name, first name, date of birth, place of birth…) in the waiting register. Next, the asylum seeker receives an annex 25/26 (asylum application at the border / on Belgian territory). The identity data are mentioned on this annex. It is possible that errors creep into the annex. Under certain conditions, wrong identity data can be corrected. The procedure differs depending on the status (asylum seeker / recognised refugee / beneficiaries of subsidiary protection).

The asylum application is still being processed

An asylum seeker can report mistakes in his personal data during the interview at the Immigration Office. If an asylum seeker does not report a mistake during this interview, the Immigration Office will only make a change after an appointment has been made and a valid passport has been presented.

In this case, the asylum seeker can make an appointment with the Administration and Registration Cell of the Asylum Directorate of the Immigration Office (tel. NL 02 488 90 71 and FR 02 488 90 73, e-mail NL and FR In case of doubt about the authenticity of the passport, this will be looked into.

Recognised refugees

If a recognised refugee wants to correct his identity data, he has to send a request by post, e-mail or fax to the Helpdesk recognised refugees and stateless persons of the CGRS. He explains his request and adds the necessary evidence with the correct identity data. The Helpdesk for recognised refugees and stateless persons examines each request individually. If the request is justified, the CGRS will issue a refugee certificate and if necessary an identity and birth certificate. With this certificate, the recognised refugee can go to the municipality, which will adapt the identity data in the aliens’ register.

Beneficiaries of subsidiary protection

In order to have his or her identity data corrected, the beneficiary of subsidiary protection has to contact the municipality of his place of residence. Upon presentation of a valid passport, the municipality will make the correction in the aliens’ register through the Immigration Office.

22 November 2016

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