Asylum statistics April 2017

The CGRS released its asylum statistics for April 2017.


  • In April 2017, the Belgian Immigration Office registered 1,365 asylum applicants. Every person (including children) is counted as an asylum applicant.
  • Additionally, 59 persons arrived in April in Belgium under a relocation programme.  This means that a total of 1,424 asylum applications were registered in April 2017, a decrease compared to March 2017 (1,784 applications).
  • Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq remained the top 3 countries of origin of asylum applicants registered in April 2017, followed by Albania, Guinea, Russia, Congo (DRC), Somalia, Georgia and Turkey.


  • In April 2017, the CGRS took 1,587 decisions. These decisions concerned a total of 2,061 persons.
  • The protection rate in April 2017 was 49.9 %.


  • The total caseload of the CGRS is the number of asylum cases in which the CGRS has not yet taken a decision. This caseload continues to decrease.
  • At the end of April 2017, there was a total caseload of 12,714 dossiers. As 5,000 dossiers can be considered a normal caseload, the actual backlog amounted to 7,714 dossiers.
09 May 2017

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