Overview asylum statistics 2013

A decrease of asylum applications from more than 26%, an increase of protection rate and a backlog that resolves.

New website

With the support of the CGRS, Fedasil launches a new website on resettlement organized by and to Belgium.

Resettlement of 100 refugees

As part of the European resettlement program, Belgium has agreed to resettle hundred refugees in 2013.

Overview asylum statistics 2011

An increase of 25% in the number of asylum applications compared to the previous year, but also an increasing number of asylum decisions.

Overview asylum statistics 2010

In 2010, 19,941 asylum applications were registered in Belgium. It corresponds to an increase of 16% compared to 2009 (17,186 applications).

Overview asylum statistics 2014

The CGRS has published its figures for the month of December 2014.


Information about the asylum procedure, tailored to the asylum seeker, can be found at :