Annual Report on Migration and Asylum in Belgium and the EU 2020 (EMN)

The EMN annual report on asylum and migration provides an overview of the major developments in the field of migration and asylum in Belgium and in the EU in 2020.

This is the 17th annual report on asylum and migration of the EMN. It covers the period January - December 2020.

EMN Belgium drafted a national annual report. All other National Contact Points of the EMN also produced a national annual report for their (Member) State. On the basis of these national contributions, a synthesis report was produced at the European level.

The Belgian report and the European report provide an insight into the most significant political and legislative developments in the area of migration and asylum over the course of 2020 in Belgium and the EU (+ Norway) respectively. The reports also include statistics and provide information on the most important debates at the political level and/or within wider society, as well as on the implementation of EU legislation.

More specifically, the reports focus on the following subjects:

  • Legal migration and mobility
  • International protection including asylum
  • Minors and other vulnerable groups
  • Integration
  • Citizenship and statelessness
  • Borders, Schengen and Visas
  • Irregular migration including migrant smuggling
  • Trafficking in human beings
  • Return and readmission
  • Migration and development
21 June 2021

Information about the asylum procedure, tailored to the asylum seeker, can be found at :