Afghan decisions suspended

The CGRS has decided a temporary and partial suspension of the notification of decisions for Afghan applicants.

During the past few weeks, we have followed the situation in Afghanistan more closely than ever. For some years now, this situation has already been very problematic. With the Taliban’s enhanced offensive , the situation has taken an unexpected turn in a very short time.

Because the situation on the ground evolves rapidly and because it is difficult to foresee how things will look in a few weeks, the CGRS has decided to suspend temporarily the assessment of the need of subsidiary protection for Afghan applicants.

This suspension will initially apply till the end of September.

This measure does not mean a total suspension of the processing of applications from Afghan nationals.

  • The processing of  applications (organisation of interviews) goes on as before.
  • A decision can still be taken or notified in the following cases
    • Decisions to recognize refugee status.
    • Decisions of inadmissibility for applicants who already received a protection status in another EU member state.
  • Are suspended as a rule:
    • The assessment of the need of subsidiary protection.
    • Decisions on subsequent applications.
16 August 2021