Addition of clause in some refusal decisions

From now on, the Office of the Commissioner General mentions in its refusal decisions the period of appeal and whether or not the appeal is suspensive, when this information could not be clearly derived from the letter notifying the decision, as was until recently the case.

Therefore, an additional paragraph will now appear in the conclusion of the following decisions :

  • Decisions taken under an accelerated procedure when the time limit for an appeal is reduced to 10 days. Indeed, the 10-day period for an appeal in the accelerated procedure is only applicable if the CGRA has taken the decision within 15 working days of receipt of the file. As this information is difficult to access, and the solution adopted so far is not sufficiently clear, it has been decided to include an explicit paragraph in the decision.
  • Decisions "inadmissible application (subsequent application)". These decisions will include a paragraph concerning the suspensive nature or not of the appeal, as well as a paragraph mentioning the two periods of appeal that are applicable, depending on whether or not the applicant is being detained at the time of his or her application. Indeed, both the applicant and his or her counsel know whether or not this is the case. Both time limits will be mentioned in simplified language to make this information more accessible.
21 February 2019
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