1 year of www.asyluminbelgium.be

The website www.asyluminbelgium.be has been online for one year. The CGRS has created this website to give applicants for international protection the opportunity to obtain correct information about the asylum procedure.

The website has content in 9 languages ​​(Dutch, French, English, Spanish, Arabic, Farsi, Pashtou, Somali and Tigrinya) and is structured around 4 videos that explain the entire asylum procedure. In the videos we follow Zana, a former asylum seeker, who explains the course of her asylum procedure herself.

All text is also available in an audio version.

The content of the website focuses mainly on how applicants can properly prepare for the interview at the CGRS and on the course of the interview itself.

We would like to thank all the counselors, lawyers, volunteers and others who share this website with the applicants for international protection they assist and thus give them the opportunity to give them an insight into what is happening at the CGRS even before their arrival at the CGRS. the CGRS.

Optimal preparation can contribute to a better experience of the asylum procedure.

22 March 2022

Information about the asylum procedure, tailored to the asylum seeker, can be found at : asyluminbelgium.be.