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06 Jul 2022

The purpose of the report Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting in Mali is to provide relevant context information in view of the assessment of international protection status determination, including refugee status and subsidiary protection.

The report provides background information and mapping of FGM/C practices and trends at national and regional level in Mali. While relying on the last Demographic and Health Survey (DHS) in 2018, as a starting point, the report complements, contrasts and/or corroborates it with more recent studies and research carried out and published mostly in the period 2017-2022.

The report provides details on the legal and policy framework, national statistics, trends and prevalence of the practice, societal attitudes and drivers of FGM/C and information on FGM/C performers as well as types of FGM/C. Finally, the report looks into the role of national and international organisations and NGOs, as well as into consequences and treatment of women not undergoing FGM/C.

The reference period is from 2017 to April 2022.

04 Jul 2022

La présente recherche dresse un état des lieux de la situation sécuritaire au Salvador, mettant à jour le COI Focus daté du 12 octobre 2020.

La recherche documentaire a été clôturée le 14 juin 2022.

16 Jun 2022

Dit rapport behandelt de houding van de Nigerese autoriteiten ten opzichte van hun onderdanen die terugkeren nadat ze het land illegaal hebben verlaten en/of in België een verzoek om internationale bescherming (VIB) hebben ingediend en/of daar hebben verbleven. Het bestrijkt de periode van januari 2016 tot eind mei 2022. Cedoca sloot het onderzoek op 17 juni 2022 af.

Terugkeer naar het land van herkomst moet worden overwogen wanneer de vreemdeling niet langer voldoet aan de voorwaarden voor verblijf in België. Deze terugkeer kan vrijwillig of gedwongen zijn.

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05 May 2022

Het doel van dit onderzoek is een stand van zaken op te maken over de veiligheidssituatie in Afghanistan in de eerste maanden van 2022. Het onderzoek richt zich in het bijzonder op de periode tussen 1 januari 2022 en 27 april 2022. Het Agentschap voor Asiel van de Europese Unie (European Union Agency of Asylum, EUAA, voorheen EASO) heeft de situatie voor 2022 al beschreven in een rapport van januari 2022. Deze COI Focus kan gelezen worden als een beknopte update en aanvulling op het EUAA-rapport. Soms herneemt de COI Focus informatie over de periode van voor januari 2022 wanneer deze relevant is voor een beter begrip van de situatie in de huidige verslagperiode of voor de weergave van trends over een langere termijn.

Het onderzoek voor deze COI Focus is afgesloten op 27 april 2022.

07 January 2022

This report covers initial developments since the Taliban takeover on 15 August 2021, namely the Taliban's government formation, policy making and policy implementation, as well as the situation under Taliban rule for the general population and for some specific groups or profiles. Security incidents and violence related to resistance, insurgent groups, terrorism and similar elements have also been included, as well as information on the general humanitarian situation. The report does not cover events after 8 December 2021.

09 September 2021

This report covers the overall security situation in Afghanistan from 1 March to 31 August 2021 and contains information on clashes and other security related events on provincial and district level during the reference period. The report also describes the Taliban's take-over of Afghanistan as international forces withdrew, beginning with the increased number of districts falling under Taliban control between March and July, followed by the capture of provincial capitals between 6 and 14 August, including the 'heavily defended' northern city of Mazar-e Sharif, and the final take-over of the capital Kabul on 15 August 2021. 

The report does not cover events after 31 August.

30 August 2021

In view of the current situation in Afghanistan, the COI and the policy paper regarding this country are no longer valid.

On 16 August 2021, the CGRS decided a temporary and partial suspension of the notification of decisions for Afghan applicants.

29 June 2021

This COI Focus aims to provide information on the security situation in Nangarhar province’s Jalalabad, Behsud and Surkhrod districts and is an update of both the COI Focus Afghanistan. Veiligheidssituatie Jalalabad, Behsud en Surkhrod and the Nangarhar chapter taken from the European Asylum Support Office (EASO) Country of Origin Information Report. Afghanistan: Security Situation, published on 25 June 2021. This report presents information from 1 February 2020 until 31 May 2021. If any developments significantly change the security situation in these districts, Cedoca will update this COI Focus as soon as possible. For a general introduction to the security situation in Afghanistan, reference is made to the EASO report listed above, published in September 2020.

This report follows the structure of the individual provincial chapters in the EASO Country of Origin Information Reports on the security situation in Afghanistan.

This report was written according to the EASO COI Report Methodology (June 2019) and the EASO COI Referencing Guide (June 2019).

25 June 2021

This report aims to provide information on the security situation in Afghanistan, which is relevant for the assessment of international protection status determination, including refugee status and subsidiary protection.

This report is an update of the EASO COI report Afghanistan Security Situation first published in January 2015 and updated annually. This report is produced in line with the EASO COI Report Methodology (2019) and the EASO COI Writing and Referencing Style Guide (2019).

This report provides information about relevant security trends in the period between 1 January 2020 and 31 May 2021.


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