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23 May 2024

Dit onderzoek verzamelt informatie over de situatie van seksuele minderheden in Ethiopië, in het bijzonder de situatie van homoseksuelen en lesbiennes. De verslagperiode overspant vijf jaar, van 1 januari 2019 tot 1 januari 2024. Cedoca heeft het onderzoek afgesloten op 1 mei 2024.

Cedoca voerde een factfindingmissie uit naar Ethiopië van 14 tot 24 november 2023. Deze missie is ondernomen met de financiële steun van het European Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF).

16 May 2024

The purpose of this COI Focus is to assess the security situation in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. It is more particularly focused on the period between November 2022 – when the signing of the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement (CoHA) ended a two-year conflict in the region –  and March 2024.

The research for this COI Focus was concluded on 6 May 2024. Important events in April and May 2024 have been included as far as possible.

Cedoca conducted a fact-finding mission (FFM) in Ethiopia from 14 to 24 November 2023. The FFM was carried out with the financial support of the European Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF).

13 May 2024

L’objectif du présent rapport consiste à dresser un état des lieux de la situation sécuritaire à Bangui, capitale de la République centrafricaine (RCA). Il porte en particulier sur la période allant du 1er janvier 2023 au 15 mars 2024. Ce rapport est une mise à jour partielle du COI Focus daté du 25 novembre 2021, qui porte sur la situation sécuritaire dans l’ensemble du pays.

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25 April 2019

This COI Focus discusses the security situation in Surobi District in Kabul province between 1 April 2018 and 31 March 2019. More particularly, Cedoca looks at the security incidents registered in Surobi District and the displacement related to the conflict in that period.

01 April 2019

The report aims to provide relevant information for the purposes of the examination of applications for international protection. In particular, it is intended to inform the update of the chapter on Internal Protection Alternative within the Country Guidance on Afghanistan 2019 update.

18 March 2019

In this COI Focus, Cedoca describes the security situation in the city of Jalalabad, the capital of Nangarhar province in Eastern Afghanistan. This report covers the period between 1 February 2018 and 31 January 2019. The research was completed on 25 February 2019. This COI Focus is an update of the COI Focus Veiligheidssituatie in Jalalabad of 20 February 2018.

This COI Focus does not describe the present situation of the conflict in the whole of Afghanistan, nor the situation in Nangarhar province. Its central emphasis is on the analysis of the security situation in the city of Jalalabad. However, in some sections (for example regarding the typology of the violence), the situation in the district of Jalalabad and the surrounding districts of Behsud and Surkh-Rōd - north and west of the city of Jalalabad respectively – is also examined.

30 May 2018

The report aims to provide an update on the security situation in Afghanistan, which is relevant for international protection status determination (refugee status and subsidiary protection).

This report is an update of the EASO COI report Afghanistan Security Situation first published in January 2015, and updated in January 2016, November 2016 and in December 2017.

24 April 2018

This COI Focus aims to provide information on the security situation in Kabul city and is an update of both the COI Focus Afghanistan. Security situation in Kabul city from 6 June 2017 and the Kabul City chapter taken from the EASO Country of Origin Information Report. Afghanistan: Security Situation, published in December 2017.

20 February 2018

This COI Focus describes the security situation in the city of Jalalabad, capital of the province of Nangarhar in eastern Afghanistan. The city of Jalalabad is the fourth largest city in Afghanistan. The city is an important commercial centre in eastern Afghanistan, situated at a strategic position on different trade routes.


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