Internal flight alternative

Once the fear of persecution or the real risk of serious harm on the part of the applicant has been established, the Commissioner General can study the possibility of an internal flight alternative. This takes place on an individual basis and takes into account both the applicant's personal circumstances and the general situation in that part of the country of origin.

The internal flight alternative must comply with the following conditions:

  • the well-founded fear of persecution or the real risk of serious harm has been neutralised there, or the applicant has access to adequate protection there
  • the proposed area can be accessed in a safe, legal and practical manner, without additional risks
  • it is reasonable to expect from the applicant that they establish themselves in a certain area.

The Commissioner General examines the applicant's specific situation (gender, age, financial situation, relatives, education, means of subsistence, language, religion, ethnicity, etc.) and the possible reasons why they refuse to establish themselves elsewhere.

The burden of proof with respect to the availability of an internal flight alternative lies with the CGRS. During the interview the applicant is given the opportunity to express their opinion about the proposed internal flight alternative.

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