Declaration: Change of chosen residence

In case of change of residence, it is imperative that the asylum seeker informs the CGRS (CGRA-CGVS) and the OE of their new address.

To report a change of address, please complete the entire form and send it by registered mail to the CGRS and the OE. The contact details are available on the form.

In case of change of address, it is necessary for the asylum seeker to communicate their new address to the CGRS and the OE by filling out the form and sending it by registered mail. The contact details are indicated on the form.


Application: request copies of administrative documents or access to an asylum dossier

With this form the applicant for international protection can request a copy of certain documents and may also ask for access to his/her file.

Please complete the form and send it to the Helpdesk lawyers, trusted persons and UNHCR. You will find the details on the form.


Medical certificate

This medical certificate can be used by women who apply for asylum in Belgium because they are at risk of female genital mutilation (FGM). It can also be used by parent(s) who claim that their daughter(s) run such a risk.

The CGRS has also put into place a follow-up procedure for families who received refugee status because of a fear of persecution based on the risk of FGM for their daughter(s). With this procedure, the CGRS sees to it that these girls are still protected after refugee status has been granted: every year, the parents of the girl(s) concerned have to send a medical certificate to the CGRS proving that their daughter has not been subjected to genital mutilation. You will find more information about the FGM follow-up procedure through the following link: here Dutch PDF (NL) (222.13 KB)


Declaration: appointment of a trusted person

The applicant for international protection can ask to be assisted by a trusting during the asylum procedure. This person can assist the applicant with his professional knowledge. It is possible to appoint a trusted person with this form.

Please complete this form, add a copy of the trusted person’s identity card and send this to the Helpdesk lawyers, trusted persons and UNHCR, preferably before the interview. You will find the details on the form.


Information about the asylum procedure, tailored to the asylum seeker, can be found at :

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