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22 Jan 2019

Deze COI Focus beschrijft het conflict in de Two Areas in het zuiden van Soedan en analyseert de veiligheidssituatie in deze deelstaten in het licht van de ontwikkelingen sinds 2016. Daarnaast onderzoekt dit document de situatie in Khartoem van personen afkomstig uit de Two Areas, in het bijzonder (maar niet uitsluitend) leden van de etnische Nuba-gemeenschap. Het onderzoek werd afgesloten op 1 december 2018.

10 Dec 2018

In a country focus report, EASO aims to provide information focusing on selected topics of particular relevance for international protection status determination (refugee status and subsidiary protection), in this case for Malian applicants. It is not meant to be a general description of the human rights situation in the country, nor a comprehensive overview of all topics at stake in international protection status determination.

This report is divided into three main chapters: the first provides general background information on topics like geography, population, religion or political history, and includes an overview of the main actors in the crisis in northern Mali, as well as an overview of the current political situation in the country. The second chapter describes Mali’s state structure, including its administration, judiciary, and security forces. The last chapter is dedicated to the country’s security situation in the southern regions, namely Kayes, Koulikoro, Ségou and Sikasso.

26 Nov 2018

This report provides information on elements and indicators that may help in assessing the need for international protection of Nigerian applicants.

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22 August 2017

On 12 and 13 June 2017, EASO organised a Practical Cooperation meeting on Nigeria in Rome, in the framework of EASO’s Operating Plan in Italy.

The meeting report compiles information presented by key speakers during plenary sessions and subsequent questions and answers related to country of origin information. The different chapters of the report provide literal transcripts, rather than summaries or syntheses.

05 June 2017

The report is composed of seven chapters. The first chapter provides background information about the legal and administrative system, demography and political situation in Nigeria. The second chapter presents the security situation in the six regions of the country.


16 October 2018

The report aims to provide an update on the security situation in Afghanistan, which is relevant for international protection status determination (refugee status and subsidiary protection).

This report was drafted by a Country of Origin Information (COI) specialist from the Belgian Center for Documentation and Research (Cedoca) in the Office of the Commissioner General for Refugees and Stateless Persons (CGRS).

This report is an update of the EASO COI report Pakistan Security Situation first published in August 2015, updated in July 2016, and in August 2017. This report presents general information available from 1 June 2017 to 15 August 2018

07 March 2018

On 16 and 17 October 2017, EASO organised a Practical Cooperation Conference on Pakistan in Rome, in the framework of EASO’s Operating Plan in Italy.

04 August 2017

This report is an update of the July 2016 EASO COI Report Pakistan Security Situation and is based on information available from 1 April 2016 to 31 May 2017. The information in this report results from desk research of public specialised paper-based and electronic sources, which were consulted within the timeframe and the scope of the research.

Palestine, State of

06 August 2018

Les violences issues des tensions survenues à Jérusalem en octobre 2015 se sont « notablement espacées » selon Le Monde, avant de se réactiver au mois de juillet 2017, lorsque les autorités israéliennes ont installé des portiques de sécurité filtrant l’accès à l’esplanade des Mosquées à Jérusalem, suite à l’assassinat de deux policiers druzes le 14 juillet dans la vieille ville. Après dix jours de crise, le Premier ministre israélien a décidé de retirer les détecteurs de métaux. Selon le Centre israélien Meir Amit, la situation s’est normalisée à la fin du mois de juillet 2017.


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