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07 Feb 2020

The purpose of this report is to analyse the situation of women in Syria, focusing mainly on the general situation of women in the country while also paying special attention to area-specific features in those parts of Syria under the control of non-state armed groups, information relevant for international protection status determination, including refugee status and subsidiary protection, and in particular to inform the EASO country guidance development on Syria.

The first draft of this report was finalised on 18 November 2019. Some additional information was added during the finalisation of this report in response to feedback received during the quality control process, until 10 January 2020. Any event taking place after this date is not included in this report.

27 Jan 2020

This report concerns the Syrian territories, which have been outside the control of the Government of Syria (GoS) and returned to GoS control through so-called reconciliation agreements. It explores how these agreements were reached, their consequences for the population of the respective areas, as well as how GoS exerts its control in the aftermath. Not all areas/cities are included, but rather a selection that serves to illustrate the different developments.

The report covers the period from 2014 until October 2019. The drafting of this report was finalised on 1 October 2019. Some additional information was added during the finalisation of this report in response to feedback received during the quality control process until 28 October 2019.

20 Jan 2020

Le présent rapport est une mise à jour du COI Focus daté du 14 juin 2019. Il s’intéresse à l’attitude des autorités congolaises vis-à-vis de leurs ressortissants de retour après avoir quitté illégalement la République démocratique du Congo (RDC) et/ou avoir introduit une demande de protection internationale en Belgique et/ou y avoir séjourné. Le traitement que réservent les autorités aux ressortissants de retour en raison de leur profil politique, ethnique, religieux ou terroriste ne fait pas l’objet de cette recherche.

Le retour dans le pays d’origine doit être envisagé lorsque l’étranger ne réunit plus les conditions requises pour son séjour en Belgique. Ce retour peut être volontaire ou forcé.

Ce rapport couvre la période allant de mai à décembre 2019. La recherche documentaire pour cette mise à jour s’est clôturée le 17 décembre 2019.

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13 October 2017

Although domestic violence affects all segments of the population in Albania, women who are financially dependent on their husband or partner are especially concerned. Economic problems, excessive drinking and divorce situations are often the cause of violence in the family sphere.

29 June 2017

Cedoca carried out a fact-finding mission to Albania from 13th March to 21st March 2017 in order to collect information. The information in this report is obtained from Cedoca’s interlocutors during the fact-finding mission and is supplemented with information from various international reports, specialized literature and online sources.


16 November 2016

Consent is the determining factor for a marriage to be considered forced or free, according to most of the sources consulted by Cedoca. Forced marriage is known to take place in Algeria and the reason invoked is generally the need to marry a daughter who could otherwise bring dishonour upon her family.


20 December 2017

In a ‘Country Overview’ report, EASO aims to provide information on a wide range of topics of particular relevance for international protection status determination (Refugee Status and Subsidiary Protection) for Bangladeshi applicants.

The information has largely been taken from open sources, such as international and Bangladeshi NGOs, think tanks, media, and academic research. The majority of the information was researched during the drafting period 4 to 22 September 2017. Some additional information was researched during the implementation phase of the peer-review comments, with the purpose of complementing the existing draft.

Burkina Faso

21 June 2019

This COI Focus describes the current security situation in Burkina Faso, more particularly during the period from 1 January 2017 to 30 April 2019.

The research was closed on 31 May 2019.

13 June 2018

Ce rapport constitue une mise à jour du COI Focus portant le même titre, daté du 10 mai 2017. La présente recherche s’intéresse à la situation spécifique des homosexuels au Burkina Faso et se limite dès lors à l’orientation sexuelle. Le terme « homosexuel » désigne tant les hommes que les femmes mais lorsqu’il s’agira d’insister sur la dimension spécifique de l’expérience des uns ou des autres, le Cedoca utilisera alors les termes « gay » et « lesbienne ».


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