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15 Nov 2019

L’objectif de ce COI Focus est de faire le point sur les conditions de sécurité en Turquie. Il porte en particulier sur la période entre le 28 mars 2019 et le 19 septembre 2019 (date de la précédente mise à jour) mais intègre également des informations relatives à l’impact sur les conditions sécuritaires en Turquie de l’opération militaire « source de paix » lancée le 9 octobre 2019.

13 Nov 2019

Het doel van dit onderzoek is een stand van zaken op te maken over de veiligheidssituatie in Colombia. Het onderzoek richt zich in het bijzonder op de periode van 1 januari 2019 tot eind oktober 2019. Het onderzoek werd afgesloten op 30 oktober 2019.

11 Nov 2019

This report analyses the security situation in Syria, focusing in particular on the situation for the civilian population. The reference period is 2018 and the first half of 2019. Some additional information was added during the finalisation of this report in response to feedback received during the quality control process until 18 September 2019.

After finalisation of the content of the report by Landinfo, during the editing phase, significant developments to the security situation occurred, which did not follow recent trends in the conflict. Because of the significant nature of these developments, having an impact on the content of this report, EASO agreed with Landinfo to include a separate chapter (Chapter 6, New developments), with a short overview of information up until 23 October 2019. Because of the early stage and volatile nature of such developments in the conflict, information on this will have to be updated on short notice. EASO plans such update by spring 2020.

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04 April 2019

Since 2014, there is a political and socio-economic crisis in Venezuela. The hyperinflation has a serious impact on the possibility to gain access to food, medicines and other basic resources. Venezuela remains one of the most violent countries in the world and is characterized by a massive exodus of its population. From now on, foreign sanctions are aimed at some seventy persons.


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