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25 Sep 2018

Deze COI Focus beschrijft de veiligheidssituatie in de Somalische hoofdstad Mogadishu, in het bijzonder voor de periode van 1 januari 2018 tot 1 juli 2018. Dit document is een update van de COI Focus van 26 januari 2018. Cedoca heeft dit onderzoek afgesloten op 30 juli 2018.

13 Sep 2018

La situation sécuritaire en Turquie demeure principalement influencée par le conflit entre le PKK et les autorités turques. Celui-ci s’est traduit, entre mars et septembre 2018, par des attaques et des affrontements armés entre militants du PKK et forces de sécurité turques dans l’est et le sud-est du pays.

17 Aug 2018

The report provides an overview of the situation of Chechens living in Russia, outside of the North Caucasus. By examining the situation using a variety of sources and focusing on different topics such as legal requirements, the criminal justice system, socio-economic circumstances, and the role of the authorities, together with closer examination of the situation for a number of specific groups, including returnees, the aim is to present a coherent account of the current situation.

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30 May 2018

The report aims to provide an update on the security situation in Afghanistan, which is relevant for international protection status determination (refugee status and subsidiary protection).

This report is an update of the EASO COI report Afghanistan Security Situation first published in January 2015, and updated in January 2016, November 2016 and in December 2017.

24 April 2018

This COI Focus aims to provide information on the security situation in Kabul city and is an update of both the COI Focus Afghanistan. Security situation in Kabul city from 6 June 2017 and the Kabul City chapter taken from the EASO Country of Origin Information Report. Afghanistan: Security Situation, published in December 2017.

20 February 2018

This COI Focus describes the security situation in the city of Jalalabad, capital of the province of Nangarhar in eastern Afghanistan. The city of Jalalabad is the fourth largest city in Afghanistan. The city is an important commercial centre in eastern Afghanistan, situated at a strategic position on different trade routes.

31 January 2018

The report describes various types of networks in Afghanistan and the significance of these networks for individuals and families be it during displacement, or for reintegration after return from abroad or after internal displacement within the country.

22 December 2017

The report aims to provide information on the security situation in Afghanistan, which is relevant for international protection status determination (PSD; refugee status and subsidiary protection).

11 December 2017

The information is a result of desk research of public, specialised paper-based and electronic sources until 27 November 2017. In addition, during the research, EASO researchers conducted extensive interviews with three experts (Borhan Osman, Abubakar Siddique and Anand Gopal).