Priority procedure

The CGRS takes a priority decision:

  • when the applicant is detained in a specific place (a closed centre or at the border, in a penitentiary), put at the Government’s disposal or is subject to a security measure;
  • in case of an application for which the Minister or his deputy asks priority treatment;
  • when the application is probably well-founded (more chance of being granted protection status).

The CGRS gives priority treatment to these cases. This literally means prior ‘to all other cases’. The invitation period between the notification of the invitation and the date of the personal interview is at least eight days.

In case of the priority procedure, the CGRS takes the same decisions as in the standard procedure (granting, refusing or excluding from protection status). Against these decisions, an appeal in full jurisdiction with the CALL is possible. The period of appeal amounts to thirty days after the decision has been notified (unless the decision is taken as part of the accelerated procedure or the admissibility procedure, see further).


Other specific procedures


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