The registration of the asylum application

Upon registration of a foreigner's asylum application

  • the IO records the identity information of the applicant, such as name, date of birth, nationality. The IO receives the relevant documents handed over by the asylum applicant
  • the foreigner gives an address to which the IO and the CGRS can send all correspondence.

Upon registration, the IO takes

  • a photograph of the applicant: the photo is on the document that serves as proof of the asylum application (annex 26)
  • fingerprints (from 14 years): the IO can check whether the applicant has previously applied for asylum in another EU country and whether he has entered the EU via another country than Belgium
  • an X-ray of the lungs (from 6 years, not for pregnant women): to check if the asylum applicant has tuberculosis (TBC).  Individuals with TBC will be hospitalised
  • an X-ray of the hand when there is doubt about the age of an unaccompanied minor: the Guardianship Service (FPS Justice) checks if the applicant is really a minor.
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