Update: processing cases of applicants from Gaza and West Bank

In the context of recent events and the volatile situation in the Palestinian territories, and more specifically the Gaza Strip, the CGRS will continue to process cases. Planned interviews and research continue. The CGRS will continue to notify the following decisions:

  • Decisions granting refugee status, in which an individual well-founded fear of persecution is clearly established.
  • Decisions of inadmissibility for a person enjoying a protection status in another member state.

However, the notification of the following decisions is suspended:

  • Decisions granting or refusing subsidiary protection status.

This suspension is only temporary, and applies until the CGRS has sufficient objective information to accurately assess the security situation in the Palestinian territories.

20 October 2023

Information about the asylum procedure, tailored to the asylum seeker, can be found at : asyluminbelgium.be.